Thursday, 28 April 2016

Jungle doorway with crocodile, paper cut illustration

Jungle doorway illustration © Nicola L Robinson 2016

I'm still not sure what to call this illustration, it has been a bit of an experimental one, and has taken a lot longer to put together between all my other work and projects than planned but I've finally managed to take a photo of the full piece to show. 
RAWR! said the stone cat... © Nicola L Robinson 2016

CAW! replied the vulture-like bird © Nicola L Robinson 2016

The monkey said nothing at all... © Nicola L Robinson 2016

We are going on an adventure... © Nicola L Robinson 2016
Vaguely inspired by the Jungle Book, and featuring a big crocodile, my absolute all time favourite animal. I had in mind ancient temples and forgotton lost worlds, and lots of twisty vines and trees. (I haven't seen the new disney film, and had no idea it was being made until recently) The vines and trees were inspired by the overgrown wilderness of having a new garden to take care of and the rest of the elements grew into place around this.

It might not be obvious from the photograph but this piece is not flat, it is part papercut with area carefully cut out by hand with my scalpel. The result is a kind of three dimensional illustration, which I rather like... I have plans for more paper cut work when I find the time.

Cut out illustration with blue fingernails © Nicola L Robinson 2016

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Animals... Inky cats, vultures and a monkey too...

Angry Inky Cat © Nicola L Robinson 2016

Vulture © Nicola L Robinson 2016

Monkey © Nicola L Robinson 2016

Vulture no 2 © Nicola L Robinson 2016
Some creatures from something a bit experimental I've been working on lately...

Friday, 1 April 2016

Into the woods... inky, twisty trees illustration in progress....

 Off into the woods in my studio today, I hope those little critters are friendly...

Inky trees illustration © Nicola L Robinson 

Inky trees illustration © Nicola L Robinson