Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Monster picture book for Halloween - The Monster Machine

The Monster Machine, a monster picture book...

Halloween is not far away now, which means lots of spooky things are ahead, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and all manner of creatures that go bump in the night, for me it means monsters, particularly the monsters from my very own monster picture book - The Monster Machine.

Inside The Monster Machine, a monster picture book by Nicola L Robinson
If you haven't read a copy yet, this Halloween is the perfect time to do so, the monster machine is not a scary Halloween themed picture book (there are plenty of those out there to discover, and we love those too!) but a monster picture book about a boy and his dad and their monster making machine, and it's packed full of monsters.  A great monster read for little boys and little girls too, particularly those who like lots of things to look at in their picture books, and a fun text to read aloud. (approx 350 words)

I love The Monster Machine so much I even built it its own monster website (plus the monsters were getting a bit difficult to handle so they needed their own space) do visit it here, the monsters will be so pleased if you do :)

There are some monster activities to download including colouring pages, dot to dot and some monster crafts too for children to make with the help of an adult.

The Monster Machine monster picture book is available to buy in your favourite book shops. 

ISBN - 9781843652007

The Monster Machine is written and illustrated by Nicola L Robinson and published by the fantastic people at Pavilion Children's books. It was shortlisted for the Cambridge Children's Picture book award and also selected by the Reading Agency to be part of the creepy house summer reading challenge too! 

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