Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Billy Goats Gruff (and a big hairy troll...) Illustration

© Nicola L Robinson Billy Goats Gruff Illustration www.nlrobinson.co.uk
Billy Goats Gruff illustration © Nicola L Robinson 2014 all rights reserved
When I was a small child I went on lots of walks with my mum and dad, we walked for miles over hills, along river banks and around cliffs and beaches and through lots of beautiful countryside, and when we came to walk over a birdge we would often play act 'Billy Goats Gruff' with the three of us taking our parts as big daddy billy goat, medium sized mummy billy goat and little baby billy goat, with my dad doubling up as the big scary troll...

With this in mind coupled with my love of all things monstrous and fairytale I was inspired to illustrate my own version of the classic tale, set in my own imaginary cityscape a little reminiscent of the Emerald City (if it were left to go derelict) with a little gothic flavour, and a focus on the troll...

I loved working on this piece, all drawn in old school dip pen and ink and painted with watercolour and coloured ink, (with a little digital layering to tidy up highlights and edges, troll is a messy troll.)

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