Thursday, 17 July 2014

Summer seagulls... Quick, hide your chips!

Trio of Seagulls © Nicola L Robinson 2014

I've been drawing seagulls... a trip to the seaside wouldn't be the same without them and their ear piercing cries always put me in mind of summer holidays, long coastal walks and fish and chips :)

Seagulls in Pen and Ink... © Nicola L Robinson 2014

As a small child I've had them swoop down and steal chips right out of my hand, (I was a little suprised then that they didn't seem remotely interested in the fish) I've been surrounded by them on more recent trips to the North Wales coastline, always expecting anything I'm eating or drinking to be something for them, and even stalked by one on a recent trip to San Francisco, just one particularly large seagull this time. They always have a beady look in their eye as if they are up to something, and they probably are, they are highly intelligent birds, and for all their faults I can't help but admire them.

These cheeky seagulls are the latest addition to my Teeth and Claws shop

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