Friday, 25 July 2014

Stop press! My new MOO business cards have arrived...

New business cards, designed by me, printed by the lovely people at MOO
I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the thought of new business cards always puts me in mind of Patrick Bateman and the business card scene in American Pyscho... but paper stock and embossed type aside I'm always very excited when my new cards arrive, and these ones are my favouite ones yet.

I've had a few over the years now, usually coinciding with a site rehash or change of direction, but I'm hoping these will be around for the forseeable future.

My business card for my illustration work is adorned with my Cheshire Cat grin (also my twitter avatar) with a black back to coordinate with my website 
My Teeth and Claws business cards for my print and card brand features two different monochrome fronts with my three eyed bat logo and a white reverse with my contact info.

I've been using MOO for my card for a few years now and am still very happy with them, superb customer service in my experience and I'm absolutely thrilled with the print quality of the cards. Thanks MOO! :)

(My moo cards are the classic cards, 350gsm, matt laminated finish on both sides.)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My interview with Floris Books...

I was recently interviewed by Floris Books, who I've had the pleasure of working with illustrating covers for the past 5 years, visit their superb blog to read all about it, as we discuss my work as an illustrator and how the cover art for Really Weird was developed!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Cyclops featured in twohundredby200 magazine, Issue 10...

Cyclops © Nicola L Robinson 2014   RAWR!
I've very pleased to share that my Cyclops illustration has been featured in the most recent edition of 200bytwohundred magazine... issue 10.

The twohundredby200 magazine is a quarterly creative magazine is published on the web, on the iPad platform and through digital print. The magazine features the very best of creativity, art, design, illustration, graphic design, photography and much from across the world.

So, if you fancy having a read of some creative content and seeing some visual delights via the magic of your ipad you can check out issue 10, and the other editions of the magazine on the 200hundredbytwohundred website here -