Thursday, 5 June 2014

Releassse the Snakesss.... Snake Art Prints

Some slithery snakes... illustrated by Nicola L Robinson
I write lots of lists, more these days than ever before, not because my memory is getting worse (as far as I can tell!) but simply because there seems to be more and more to do, and more and more things to organise. So the to do list is my friend.

This week I had scrawled the provocative 'Release the Snakes' amongst the usual buy stamps, order paper, email XXX etc, and so I will.

To do lists aside, I've been busy of late developing some more design based illustration work for my ongoing Teeth and Claws shop ( and I'm enjoying it very much. Trying in this occasion to be less focussed on adding narrative and humour and more involved in creating design and attractive patterns has been fun, I hope my snake prints are a good example of this.

© Nicola L Robinson 2015 All Rights Reserved
Green snake art print © Nicola L Robinson 2014

I did hesitate for some time before doing snake prints, I have drawn them before within my illustrations, and suffice to say they are a favourite creature alongside crocodiles (I seem to like scaly things) but I am aware a lot of people have Ophidiophobia, the phobia of snakes, having first hand experience of people with quite severe forms of this, so I have been cautious with my snake work! 
© Nicola L Robinson 2015 All Rights Reserved
Red snake art print © Nicola L Robinson 2014

I hope my snake illustrations are more tribal patterned and attractive to look at than scary, and promise I won't draw any realistic looking spiders or more violent looking snakes. The last thing I want to do is put people off my work!

Thanksss for reading :)

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