Monday, 2 June 2014

New website... well, updated illustration portfolio/design...

Nicola L Robinson Illustration portfolio website -
My illustration portfolio website -
I've had my website for about a decade now (eek!) I built it myself from scratch and I have got used to looking after it, I enjoy having the control over it and being able to move things around as I see fit (sometimes for better sometimes, maybe not so much...haha) In this time it has been through a lot of redesigns and re writes, it has been home to lots of different artworks of mine ranging from badly photographed surreal paintings on canvas back in the beginning through to artwork for pumpclips, beer labels and posters, editorial projects, and a fair few gothic esq cliches, sinister characters, crooked staircases and dragons (obviously) along the way.

Now it is a showcase for my current illustration work, which is mostly for the children's publishing market, and I make an effort to update it fairly regularly with new pieces of work, both in glorious full colour and black and white pen and ink illustrations too.

Something that is always a challenge and I expect it always will be is deciding which pieces of work actually stay in and which get thrown out... like any portfolio, be it web based or traditional. In the most recent redesign I have taken a lot of work out, favourite pieces of work in some cases, both published and unpublished, but I do think it helps to be stringent, and mindful of where you'd like your work to take you, or where it is already going.

So, amongst other things I've narrowed my portfolio down to 18 colour and 9 black and white pieces, and I hope to keep changing these, swapping old for new as exciting new work is available to share.

I'm quite happy with my site for now, but I expect I'll change it again as things dictate! It is a work in progress...

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