Monday, 25 November 2013

Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie pop up book, published by Tango Books

Peter Pan pop up book cover illustration close up

On Friday I received a parcel from the postman, a nice brown box and inside, some of my very favourite things, books :) these particular books were copies of Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie, a popup book published by Tango Books and illustrated by me... :)
Peter Pan pop up book cover

It is always exciting to finally meet the end product of something you've illustrated, and I have taken some photo's to share with you. This was not easy to photograph, being fairly intricate illustrations on a slightly glossy flat surface, so I hope you can see the details!
Mr and Mrs Darling going out for the evening...
Wendy telling stories in the little house under the ground.
The Pirate ship pop up with crocodile
Peter Pan vs Captain Hook inside the pop up illustration
Peter Pan interior colour illustrations
Pirates singing a pirate song
Tiger Lily is captured! (Smee on the left)
Peter wearing Hook's clothes

Last year I also illustrated The Wizard of Oz popup book in the same series, and Peter Pan has the same format, with a 3 dimensional cut out cover illustration, abridged text from the original by J.M.Barrie with detailed colour illustrations throughout and 4 illustrated pop up scenes, each of which opens up like a tiny theatre.
The closed pop up on the page- pull the tabs to open...
Inside the pop up scene! A tiny little theatre...
I have only photographed the inside of two of the pop ups here as I've yet to take a clear photo of the remaining two! both of which are set inside the nursery...

Peter Pan is published by Tango Books and illustrated by Nicola L Robinson, it is available now from all the usual places, and you can of course order it into your favourite local bookshop too. (I would encourage you to do so!) It would make a lovely Christmas present.

Peter Pan popup book ISBN number - 9781857078282

Peter Pan is published with permission from Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

Hook watching the crocodile...
Crocodile smiling at Hook...

The Wizard of Oz popup book also published by Tango Books and illustrated by me is also available too, check out my previous blog post about it to see!

The Wizard of Oz Popup book ISBN number - 9781857078916

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