Monday, 7 October 2013

My first adventure into paper cutting... with mice, cheese and cat monster.

Nicola L Robinson - Paper Cut Illustration
My first papercut... with mice, cheese and cat monster...

I love paper crafts and things like origami and pop up books and have always admired things made out of paper and card. I've wanted to have a go at paper cutting for some time, and this weekend I managed to put some time aside to do exactly that and I thought people might like to see the results.
Paper cutting is totally new to me, the last time I did anything similar was when I spent many evenings cutting out monster mask templates (about a hundred of them) for my Monster Machine event at last year's Cheltenham LiteratureFestival. So I still had my scalpel and cutting board around, and after sourcing some black silhouette paper (it had to be black) and carefully putting a new sharp blade on my scalpel I was ready to go.

One of my doodles on the back of a receipt, discovered in my jacket pocket.

I found this little doodle in my jacket pocket recently and thought it would make a good basis for my first paper cut as it is quite simple and has a fair amount of solid shapes. So I drew myself a square with a good amount of border and mapped out my design. After transferring it in reverse to the white side of the paper I started cutting... steady hand, steady hand...  
Nicola L Robinson - Paper Cut Illustration
Carefully cutting out the negative spaces!
The negative spaces...
Nicola L Robinson - Paper Cut Illustration
All cut out...
Nicola L Robinson - Paper Cut Illustration
The finished paper cut.

I'm quite pleased with my finished paper cut! As a long time devotee to inky outlines and detail it was refreshing to rely totally on the silhouette shapes of the composition for interest, I also loved how instant the results came, I'll be having another go at this when I have time! It's nice to try something a little bit different every once in a while.!

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