Friday, 30 August 2013

Back to School... Bison Riding now in glorious colour!

Bison or American Buffalo? What is he looking at?
Eek, September is nigh Which means 'Back to School' is imminent, not that you could have failed to have noticed the relentless advertisements and school themed offers that have been everywhere since July. This also means that Summer as we know it is drawing to a close and I thought it time to add a new illustration to my blog,to mark the occasion.
You may remember a sketch I posted some time ago of a Bison with some children riding in a basket on his back, well I've had the chance to paint the piece in colour and here is the finished result- (Warning, you may need to shield your eyes from the yellow...)

Bison Riding by Nicola L Robinson. Maybe the helpful Bison is taking the children back to school....

The sketch of the children in the basket....
The original rough sketch

As you can see my rough work is very close to my finished coloured work. I like to produce fairly tight roughs and get important things nailed down at this stage, so I can concentrate on the colour!

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