Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Monster Crocodile! and a moment of reflection.

Monster crocodile illustration © 2013 Nicola L Robinson All Rights Reserved

I love my work as an illustrator, it makes me very happy, I love working with art directors and designers. I love the problem solving involved in putting together a book cover to best represent the story inside without giving too much away but still hopefully enticing enough to make a would be reader pick it up and explore. I love diligently researching for projects which require specific consideration be it for a particular time period in history or theme. I love drawing expressions on characters and making the faces while I draw, I love adding silly extra details, and sometimes getting to read manuscripts before everyone else does, I love my work.

But sometimes, the inner creative self demands satisfaction by working on personal projects which are unlikely to win commissions for the regular clients. In my case I usually find myself in my own universe of big monstrous creatures and odd cityscapes, often there is a David and Golaith theme running through too, and this newest piece is no different. Also I've given myself the opportunity to draw a crocodile, albeit a mutant one. (count the eyes) As ever much of the detail has been sucked out of this piece by saving for web, but if you click on the picture you'll get to see it a little larger.

My favourite animal, and this is for as long as I can remember, is the crocodile, particularly Crocodylus porosus the saltwater crocodile. Because he is the biggest, obviously. haha. I'd love to illustrate a crocodile book :)

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