Friday, 10 May 2013

RIP Ray Harryhausen / Boris the Biro Monster

Boris the Biro Monster... RAWR!
I was sad to hear the news this week that the legendary visual effects creator Ray Harryhausen has died. I grew up watching films with his monstrous creations in usually on Sunday afternoons and Bank holidays. Favourites included Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger and Jason and the Argonauts, the skeletons in which I found particularly chilling.

So with monsters in mind (not that they are ever far away, haha) and black biro in hand (sorry art aficionados and tutors) I created Boris, the biro monster, Boris has 7 eyes, 7 tails, 2 horns, 4 legs (although you can only see three) and a moustache. He is colossal in size and has a voracious appetite. Click on him to see a slightly larger picture.

Boris is unlikely to be appearing in any picture books anytime soon.

Normal service to resume shortly.

The Official Ray Harryhausen website


ReadItDaddy said...

Was also sad to hear about Ray's death. Total gentleman, and hugely inspirational not just to animators but to anyone who loves a brilliant beast or two. Still think Talos (the big bronze guy) and those brilliant skeleton warriors were just so way ahead of their time.

Nicola L Robinson said...

Ah Talos! I had nightmares for years after seeing him.