Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sebastian hunting a tasty dragonfly...

Boris was getting lonely so here's another inky character, 'Sebastian', a furry, cat-like dragony creature busy hunting a tasty and juicy dragonfly... mmm

Did I say how much I enjoy black and white work? haha.

Normal service will resume shortly...

Friday, 10 May 2013

RIP Ray Harryhausen / Boris the Biro Monster

Boris the Biro Monster... RAWR!
I was sad to hear the news this week that the legendary visual effects creator Ray Harryhausen has died. I grew up watching films with his monstrous creations in usually on Sunday afternoons and Bank holidays. Favourites included Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger and Jason and the Argonauts, the skeletons in which I found particularly chilling.

So with monsters in mind (not that they are ever far away, haha) and black biro in hand (sorry art aficionados and tutors) I created Boris, the biro monster, Boris has 7 eyes, 7 tails, 2 horns, 4 legs (although you can only see three) and a moustache. He is colossal in size and has a voracious appetite. Click on him to see a slightly larger picture.

Boris is unlikely to be appearing in any picture books anytime soon.

Normal service to resume shortly.

The Official Ray Harryhausen website

Friday, 3 May 2013

Drawing dragons with Awsworth Primary School....

I love illustrating and being an illustrator, most of my working day is spent alone in my studio, working on various projects and doing business admin and drinking coffee. So it was a totally new and exciting experience for me recently when I was invited into Awsworth Primary School to draw dragons with the children.
I have not been into a school before (not since leaving my own, a fair few years ago now!) and I confess I was a little nervous beforehand. I was to be visiting all the classes in the school from Reception (3 and 4 year olds) through to the eldest students in Upper Key Stage 2 (up to 11 years old).

Fortunately dragons are an excellent topic and seem to be of universal interest across the ages (I'm 30 and I still love them) so I devised a dragon drawing workshop and I also made up some dot to dot dragons and colouring sheets for the very youngest children.
I needn't have worried, the children were so enthusiastic and did brilliantly. It was the first time I had drawn in public before so it was a relief to have such a supportive audience!

The resulting drawings from all the classes are absolutely fantastic, I was so impressed with the children, and had a lot of fun working with them and meeting all the teachers, who also produced some brilliant dragons too :)

Here is a small selection of dragons from a couple of the classes I visited, 

Class 1 and 1A (4 and 5 year olds, Upper Foundation) -

Class 5 (7 - 9 year olds, lower Key Stage 2)

I hoped to encourage the children to add their own embellishments and original features to customize their dragons, which they did brilliantly. We had extra eyes and legs and gruesome details everywhere. It was also fantastic to hear how many of the children love drawing at home and hear all about the other artistic ventures they are working on.

Many thanks everyone!

Click on the pictures to see larger drawings. All dragons (apart from my hairy one) copyright to the artists.