Friday, 15 March 2013

Children discovering dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, sketches

Close up of the faces, what are they all looking at... what is worrying the little girl on the left?

Tyrannosaurus Rex! Most people's favourite dinosaur. Rough sketch

'Mummy I'm a Pteranodon! Wheeeee...' Sketch
I love dinosaurs, along with dragons and crocodiles they were one of my favourite subjects as a small child, which is no surprise as they (mostly) fit my list of requirements of having big teeth and claws and scales.

I realise I could have illustrated the skeletons of the beasts, but I wanted to inject a little more character into them (which means I need eyes!) so I've drawn them with some flesh.

It is still a massive thrill to see the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum, and in recent years I've also had the chance to see Sue, the Tyrannosaurs Rex in the Field Museum in Chicago and the dinosaurs in the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. I hope to see some more soon...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wednesday afternoon, time for a spot of bison riding....

Bison with passengers. Note I am not suggesting this is a good idea.
A little sketch today of some children with a very hairy bison friend.