Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Parliament of Owls... fun with pen and ink!

All the owls together. Watching you....
Recently I've had a hankering for black and white work, I love pen and ink, I love the range of tone and texture you can achieve with just one tool, here my weapon of choice was a thin Rapidograph drawing pen, 0.3 by Koh-i-noor. I sometimes use a good old fashioned dip pen with a really scratchy nib, but as there was no background planned for this every splatter would be evident!
Back to the owls, these were inspired by a recent trip through to Bakewell, where they have a beautiful collection of owls on display. I didn't do any drawings of the owls there but I did have a long staring competition with the chap with the black eyes on the far left. I'm sure there was an eagle owl and a spectacled one too (the penguinlike one in the centre) I've added a small owl and a barn owl too, although I have taken certain liberties with their anatomy and markings, they are my owls after all. haha.
The first owl, don't look into his eyes! Pen and ink.

More owls, a barn owl and an eagle owl, or thereabouts... A bit larger to show the detail.
After drawing the big stately eagle owl on the right he told me what he'd really like is a monocle, so I drew him one.  

Random fact - A group of owls is known as a 'Parliament' which I think it quite apt. Maybe I'll draw a murder of crows sometime...

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