Friday, 18 January 2013

Hairy Dragon - It's so cold even my dragons are growing fur.

Yesterday this little guy appeared on the edge of my page-

Little pencil scribble dragon.
Hello little scribble dragon! how very nice to meet you... last night after dinner and with glass of wine and pen in hand he evolved into this, a rather hairy dragon.
A rather hairy dragon, pen and ink. All rights reserved.

Seems apt given all the recent snow and ice we've been having that my dragons have started to grow fur to keep warm. Of course he can still breathe fire (what kind of dragon would he be otherwise?) but that does take quite a lot of effort, and now he'll have to be extra careful not to singe his lovely new coat, the smell of burning dragon hair is really revolting.

All pen and ink on paper, roughly A4 in size. I find the majority of my work for clients is in full colour, but I do really love working in black and white when I get the chance too, gives the opportunity for lots of little details and ink stains on the fingers.

I hope everyone is keeping warm!

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