Monday, 10 December 2012

Snow men or snow monsters for Christmas.

I like snow. I don't like the travel chaos and other nasty side effects, but all in all, I like snow. I like making footprints across the garden before anyone else does, and hearing the crunchy sound it makes.

I built my first snowman when I was very small, I built it with my mum and we compacted the snow until it was solid, more like an ice man and he lasted for a very long time after the rest of the snow had melted.
These snow monsters will never melt, drawn in pen and ink while pondering if we will have another white Christmas this year?

Note their stylish winter knitwear.

Grrr! Snarl! Snow monster... Copyright © Nicola L Robinson 2012

Big snow monster and a little one. That's a broken umbrella on his head. © Nicola L Robinson 2012

A Snow monster crocodile eyeing some tasty penguins... © Nicola L Robinson 2012
Another friendly Snow monster, wearing a seasonal scarf & bucket. © Nicola L Robinson 2012

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Monster Machine Pop Up Christmas Card to Print, Colour and Make...

Ho ho ho! I have designed a Monster Machine pop up Christmas card for you to print, colour and make! If you're feeling festive and crafty this Christmas season, hop on over to The Monster Machine Blog to see the tutorial... Rawr!
Remember, Monsters love Christmas too.
My Monster Machine Pop Up Christmas Card...