Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Wizard of Oz - Pop Up Book, Illustrated by Nicola L Robinson - published by Tango books

3D Cover of The Wizard of Oz, illustrated by me, published by Tango Books

I've been looking forward to showing you this, and now it is finally published I can! The Wizard of Oz, a Pop Up book, illustrated by me and published by the ingenious Tango Books. 

I began by reading the original book by the great L Frank Baum, and absolutely loved it, so wonderfully dark and imaginative, it was a lot of fun to illustrate.

A lot of time and work went into this one, it has a 3D cover, and 4 detailed Pop Up scenes throughout the text (abridged from the original).
Each illustrated pop up scene is designed like a miniature theatre, with an outer frame and pull flap 'doors', which when opened reveal the pop up scene inside. 

Click on the photo's to see them a bit larger- 
The outer frame and doors of the pop up - Dorothy's house meets the Cyclone

Inside- The pop up theatre! See the tiny feet sicking out under the house
Down the Yellow Brick road...
The Emerald City! So very many tiny windows...

Part of the Emerald city, background of the Pop Up
One of my favourites.

The great and terrible wizard.... in the back right you'll spot a monster!
The shoes are silver in the book, not red, that was for Technicolour.

It wasn't a dream either, in the book it is real.
The Wizard of Oz has been particularly tricky to photograph, you really need to get hold of a copy to fully appreciate it's workings...

I also illustrated a number of smaller 'vignettes' which illustrate the rest of the text-

One of my favourites, from The Wizard of Oz.
The Wizard of Oz is available in bookshops in the UK published by Tango Books, and is also in the USA (Insight Editions) and France (Mango Jeunesse).
Here is a video of the French version-
Video from the French Pop Up book blog 

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