Friday, 5 October 2012

Monster Fish Illustration! Grrrr (and surprised Largemouth Bass)

Monster Fish illustration by Nicola L Robinson all rights reserved.
A bit of a fun illustration today, I drew this one with my Dad in mind, who amongst many other things is a keen fisherman, but he wont have caught one like this before...

This is the Monster Fish, he isn't the work of a trickster taxidermist, but a really hairy monster fish, with three eyes. He isn't part of the well known and even uglier angler fish family either, he has three eyes, the third eye being used like a periscope allowing him to swim close to the surface of the water and have a look around.

He is a brightly coloured beast with dense red hair which is coarse to the touch, and black stripes along his sides. The black stripes develop as the Monster Fish reaches maturity, but the row of horns and tusk like teeth are there from birth.

Keep an eye out for him if you go swimming in the sea, he will steal your swimming trunks first, then maybe chew on your leg if he is hungry.

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