Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Really Weird Removals.com by Daniela Sacerdoti Cover Illustration

Monsters (!) creatures and magical mythological critters are all things I hold very dear, and absolutely love to draw, particularly when commissioned by one of my favourite clients and for an author whose work I admire greatly, so it is with excitement that I can finally show off my cover illustration for Really Weird Removals.com written by the hugely talented Daniela Sacerdoti and published by the fabulous Floris Books. Behold it's brightness!
Really Weird Removals.com by Daniela Sacerdoti, Cover Illustration
From the Back Cover - 
'Mischievous fairies? Smelly troll? Werewolf snatching your sheep? Email the Really Weird Removals Company! Luca and Valentina’s Uncle Alistair runs a pest control business. But he’s not getting rid of rats. The Really Weird Removals Company catches supernatural creatures! When the children join Alistair’s team they befriend a lonely ghost, rescue a stranded sea serpent, and trap a cat-eating troll. But the paranormal world is also packed with danger and secrets. There are kelpies, vampires and dragons. Will Luca and Valentina discover more than they can handle?'

Dragon's, sea monsters, kelpies (it is a Scottish tale after all) mermaids, some nasty little fairies and a whole host of beautifully realised human characters are waiting for you. I always love reading the manuscript for any book I am doing the cover art for and thoroughly enjoyed reading this one! I will be rereading it very soon...

The full wraparound cover for Really Weird Removals.com by Daniela Sacerdoti (illustration by Nicola L Robinson)

I love wraparound covers, they offer so much more space to play with, and I think this one is particularly striking, it has been great working with Helena Waldron (Design and Production Manager at Floris books) and to have helped produce this book. Look at the spine as it appears on one of my bookcases-
Really Weird Removals.com at home on my bookcase
Some of my nasty little fairies have escaped into the pages of the book!
Nasty little fairies on inside pages of Really Weird Removals.com
And again from the inside, in black and white-
Some black and white monsters inside the book!
I hope this helps show how lovely this book is. (Excuse my talons, I didn't want to break the spine to take photo's!)

Really Weird Removals.com on the Kelpies Website -Really Weird Removals

There is also a website for ReallyWeirdRemovals (obviously) www.reallyweirdremovals.com

Really Weird Removals.com was a runner up for the Kelpies Prize last year.

You can check out Daniela Sacerdoti's author website here-Daniela Sacerdoti's Website
(Daniela Sacerdoti's first adult novel 'Watch Over Me' and YA novel 'Dreams' are currently storming up the charts, so do check them out!) 

I'd also like to thank Daniela very much for mentioning me in the dedication for Really Weird Removals.com it was a lovely suprise! Thank you Dani :)


Emma Pass said...

Really Weird Removals.com sounds and looks amazing. Can't wait to read it!

Nicola L Robinson said...

Thanks Emma! I hope you enjoy it, I loved it. :)