Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cinderella! Ugly sisters, sinister stepmother and crooked cat sketch

Since I'm in a fairytale state of mind after the previous Beauty and the Beast sketch I've done a little sketch for Cinderella, another popular fairytale -
Sketch of Cinderella, with ugly sisters and sinister stepmother. All rights reserved.
We see poor little Cinders mopping the floor in her domestic slavery while her ugly sisters look on smugly. I've added a few stranded gingerbread men and cupcakes in the powdered wig of the larger sister and a spider on the other. Behind the scene the evil stepmother glares at Cinders with her crooked tailed moggy around her skirt.

I may work this into colour at some point along with Beauty and the Beast.

Cinderella wasn't a favourite of mine as a child, it was a bit too fairy/princess for me, with the vomitous romantic elements of Prince Charming too... Yuck! haha! and worst of all not one dragon or crocodile.

That being said it does have some deliciously evil characters too and a recent revisit has given me cause to rethink. I do like the evil characters... but you may already know that.


Phil May, ReadItDaddy said...

LOVE the nostrils on the ugly sisters :)

Nicola L Robinson said...

Thanks! they really can make or break a face. haha