Thursday, 2 August 2012

Captain Ahab's Dream #3 Moby Dick, Black Ink Illustration.

Earlier this year I re read the fabulous Moby Dick by Herman Melville, and it has sat quietly in my mind ever since, but mentally tagged to be drawn upon at some point!
It is with thoughts of the White Whale and the crazed Captain Ahab intent on avenging himself by sending Moby Dick to his maker that inspired this ink illustration- 

Captain Ahab and Moby Dick, Pen and ink illustration by Nicola L Robinson

Titled 'Captain Ahab's Dream #3' it is obviously not a serious representation of Ahab or the whale, but an image I have enjoyed nonetheless, Ahab triumphantly holding aloft the White Whale in an enormous fish bowl and eyeing his captive while Moby Dick glares back. Ahab smokes his pipe from which rises smoke with tiny whales swimming through it.

I have set it within a scroll like border with compass inspired corners showing seagulls above and shrunken heads and the Pequod whaling ship below.

This is intended to be in colour, but I have paused at the ink drawing stage to see how it looks in black and white, and before I obliterate all the inking on Ahab's woollen coat and other details with paint!

Colour version to follow...

As ever you can see a slightly larger version of this on my website here- Captain Ahab


Luck Shop said...

Wonderful work! I like the humor of this piece. Definitely embodies the heart of the relationship between Ahab and Moby. Can't wait to see the color version.

Nicola L Robinson said...

Thank you! Pleased you like it. I'm looking forward to working on the colour version.