Thursday, 23 August 2012

Beauty and the Beast... fairytale illustration. Now in colour!

Beauty and the Beast Illustration - © 2012 Nicola L Robinson all rights reserved
Those who have visited my blog before may recall my recent sketch of Beauty and the (very hairy) Beast, and now I'm happy to add the colour version.

I've added a background since the sketch of a dark evergreen forest and rose bushes in the mid ground, if you're familiar with the original story you'll will remember roses are a significant element. I've gone for a muted palate here, having had a recent overdose of bright colours with other recent work, so lots of greens and earthy browns for the Beast. There isn't really any other colour for the Beast. I've painted the roses red, again there really isn't any other colour for them in my opinion despite what you might see on gardener's world.

Beast is a little more sinister looking than the sketch with some dark shadows around the eyes, but I assure everyone he is a big softie really and Beauty is quite safe. (Beauty is quite streetwise and can look after herself anyway, look at her boots...)

A little bird watches on.

As always, you can see a larger version (at a massive 800px wide) on my main site here

Previous post with the sketch here

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