Monday, 30 July 2012

Giant Squid, Mighty Kraken and the Gothic House Illustration

Giant Squid Attack!!! Copyright Nicola L Robinson 2012 No unauthorised usage

You thought you were safe on dry land didn't you? Thought the mighty deep sea Kraken only takes those silly enough to take a ship out to the deepest oceans and provoke it's wrath? Well, now he is out of the water, and this time he is coming for you... Does your home insurance cover Giant Squid attack? I think not.

Ahem, a little gothic fun here with some pen and ink and watercolour and digital highlights. As with all my images these are lo res for viewing online, so a little of the detail is lost mostly on the Giant Squid's tentacles, but I won't tell him...

On a side note I'd quite like a house like this one, with the pointy roof, double chimney and the waterwheel machinery on the side. Obviously minus the Squid, unless he is friendly.

See a slightly larger version on my website here - Giant Squid attack

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A couple of little pen and ink monsters and friends

It had crossed my mind to draw something 'Olympic' themed for the coming event but that hasn't quite come to pass, so I have something better! (run with me if you will, haha) a couple of little pen and ink drawings of some monsters and their friends for this bright summer's day... tra la la

A happy little dragon with some monster friends, pen and ink

Pen and Ink Illustration for my friend Rachelle Meyer
On a side note, it is day two of the summer holidays here in the UK, I hope everyone who get's one is making the most of it! (and by that I mean not just sitting in from the TV or computer) It is never quite the same once you've grown up and left school and graduated from College/University. You have been warned...

Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday the 13th, Unleash the Horrors!

Friday the 13th, the perfect time to unleash the horror's. My very own Chamber of Secrets, or Pandora's Box... the sketchbooks.
To expand on the finished illustration work I have in my portfolio on my website I have added a new section for 'Sketches' with a number of scans from my sketchbooks and roughs ranging from the loosest line to more fine tuned character development. There are monsters, dragons, fish, penguins and more.
Here is one of my favourites, if one of the less developed, I call it 'Prospero and the Sea Turtles'...
Prospero and the Sea Turtles...
The Magus Prospero is commanding his army of sea turtles to go forth and do his bidding. This was clearly omitted from Shakespeare's final version of The Tempest. 

Note- Incidentally I do love The Tempest, I studied it at both GCSE and A- Level literature in school. Although you'd never guess from the sketch. Haha. 

The Sketches-