Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'King of the Castle' or 'Goat's like high places!' ink illustration

I like goats. I've always found them really engaging creatures, from their slightly sinister yet kooky rectangular pupils to their expressive faces and stubborn nature. 

Perhaps the most entertaining thing for me about goats is their absolute need to be taller than everyone else, I've been captivated while watching kids (the goat variety) racing around and jumping up onto crates and boxes and other objects playing 'king of the castle' all of them wanting to make himself king and be on the highest possible point.

So with this in mind....
Goat Illustration, © 2012 Nicola L Robinson all rights reserved. Strictly no unauthorised usage.
There's a goat on the chimney! How did he get up there?

I don't know, but the highest chimney seems like a good place for him to be. 

As for the small child, he probably followed the goat. The raven obviously has his own power of flight.

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