Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'King of the Castle' or 'Goat's like high places!' ink illustration

I like goats. I've always found them really engaging creatures, from their slightly sinister yet kooky rectangular pupils to their expressive faces and stubborn nature. 

Perhaps the most entertaining thing for me about goats is their absolute need to be taller than everyone else, I've been captivated while watching kids (the goat variety) racing around and jumping up onto crates and boxes and other objects playing 'king of the castle' all of them wanting to make himself king and be on the highest possible point.

So with this in mind....
Goat Illustration, © 2012 Nicola L Robinson all rights reserved. Strictly no unauthorised usage.
There's a goat on the chimney! How did he get up there?

I don't know, but the highest chimney seems like a good place for him to be. 

As for the small child, he probably followed the goat. The raven obviously has his own power of flight.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Grandma Vs The Wolf - (an annotated diagram) by Nicola L Robinson

Using the magic of web stats to emulate online omniscience I notice I get rather a lot of people coming to my website looking for 'Little Red Riding Hood', and 'Grandma's House', and rather more alarmingly 'grandma inside big bad wolf', now as of yet I haven't illustrated the whole story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' just one scene with Red arriving with her basket of goodies into Grandma's house to be greeted by the Wolf dressed as Grandma in bed.

With this in mind I have had some fun drawing this - Grandma Vs the Wolf, an annotated Diagram, the usual pen and ink and colours and also a little text.


© 2012 Nicola L Robinson all rights reserved. Strictly no unauthorised usage.
We've all read or been read the story, maybe even seen the film but still in the world of fairytales, wolves- big, bad and otherwise manage to fool young, innocent grandchildren into believing they are in fact Grandma. So take heed from this clear explanatory diagram, and if Grandma's eyes are a shade more yellow than you remember, run. Fast.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

My new website - www.monstermachine.co.uk

Screenshot of the home page www.monstermachine.co.uk
I am pleased to announce my picture book 'The Monster Machine' now has it's very own special website www.monstermachine.co.uk

I have built the site to match the book, and hope it will give you a taste of the monster machine... it also keeps things separate from the rest of my work, the monsters get a little jealous of my other creations, so are happy now they have their own website.

The site includes info about the book, about me, FAQ's, and a competition page where there will soon be opportunity to win monstrous things. You can also contact myself or the monsters through the website. (We are all quite friendly, well apart from one or two of the big scaly ones who can be a bit grouchy particularly if they are hungry or tired)

There is also a separate blog for The Monster Machine- http://themonstermachinepicturebook.blogspot.co.uk which will act as a news page for the book and related happenings. Follow the blog  and you will be kept updated.

The Monster Machine is published by the wonderful Pavilion Children's books on May 16th 2012. (Anova Books)

Do take a look...

Many thanks!

Nicola and the monsters.

(PS despite the date this isn't an April Fool, the monsters are all real...)