Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Monster Machine, by Nicola L Robinson. (My first picture book.)

My very own picture book, written and illustrated by me, published by Pavilion Children's books.

This has been a very exciting time for me of late, along with illustrating book covers and other illustration projects (which I love) I have written and illustrated my first picture book, 'The Monster Machine', due for release later this year in May, published by the delightful people at Pavilion Children's books.

It has been a fantastic project to work on and I cannot explain how excited I am to finally have a copy in it's final form in my hands, there is more to come on this, but for now, I have managed to get the Monsters to stay still for a quick photo of the super advance copy.

 (Unbelieveable how challenging it is to take a photo of a flat, still image. I can only imagine how Harry Potter and co get on in the wizarding world.)


CC said...

If I were to judge a book by it's cover, then this looks like a great book. Monsters inventing stuff - that sounds fantastic. Best of luck with it.

Louise Norman said...

Wow looks so amazing! Big Congrats can't wait to get a copy! :)