Sunday, 4 March 2012

Destructor- Progressive Metal EP - CD Cover Art

Although most of my illustration work ends up on some form of book I do occasionally have some fun projects for other media, a recent one has been creating illustrations for CD, including cover art, tray inserts and on body printed art.
Here is my work on 'Destructor' a progressive metal EP by Gareth Thomas released on Gareth's indie record label 'Garfomusic'.

Destructor Cover Art by Nicola L Robinson
I designed a red and black cover with a stylised industrial theme, complete with some threatening looking cogs and machinery and industrial cooling towers in silhouette. Contrasting yellow hand drawn lettering.

Destructor on body art by Nicola L Robinson
The red and black theme continues across the whole CD and inlays, the black cat with the yellow eyes and the GM on his side is Garfo, the logo and mascot for GarfoMusic. 

The music on Destructor can be best described as Progressive metal, with a focus on heavy yet melodic guitars. It takes on a wide array of influences from the heavy thrash elements of Nevermore and Arch Enemy, though to the lighter Prog trip outs of Camel and King Crimson. 
Gareth can best be described as a musician, composer, guitarist, and all round noisemaker. (a claim I can vouch most sincerely as Gareth is also my partner)
Actual CD in case- the shiny reflective cover is not easy to photograph...
Interior of open CD case, with printed CD. Note the label is not a sticker, it is printed directly on the CD.
The Destructor EP is available for sale directly through Gareth's website as a hardcopy (as photographed) and also for digital download at both CD Baby and iTunes

Gareth's Website - GarfoMusic 

(Note- Although digital downloads provide instant gratification, I would personally recommend getting a hardcopy- that goes for books too, a tangible object which you can hold in your hands is reassuring in this increasingly uncertain world...)

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