Friday, 10 February 2012

Magnus Fin Trilogy- Janis Mackay - Cover art.

Magnus Fin - Cover art

One of the nicest things about illustrating is when you get to see your work in its printed form, on the cover of a book, or inside a magazine or on a 50ft high billboard or wherever it is intended to go. 

Today the postman brought me a package from Edinburgh, and inside an advance copy of 'Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret', part of a trilogy which I have had the pleasure of doing cover art for.

It is a lovely book, I'm really pleased with how it has come out, nice silky waxy matte cover with the title picked out in a deep bronze foil. 

Here it is on my dining table, amazing how challenging it is to photograph a book!

'Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret' is the third in the trilogy of children's adventure stories by author Janis Mackay. Magnus Fin is not your average schoolboy, on his eleventh birthday he discovers that he is half Selkie - half human and half seal for those not up to speed on their Scottish mythology, and the books follow his exciting underwater adventures.

All three books in the series, in a little pile.

The first book in the series - 'Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest' won the Kelpies prize in 2009, and was followed by 'Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission' in 2011.

'Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret' is published by Floris Books, on their Kelpies imprint, and is available from 23rd February, 2012.

To find out more about Janis and her work visit her website - Janis Mackay

To see more about Magnus Fin and the many other Kelpies books visit - Kelpies

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