Monday, 13 February 2012

Cat Lady and Bonsai Trees

Cat lady and Bonsai - © 2012 Nicola L Robinson

I confess I don't have any cats, or other pets for that matter, but there are an inordinate number of the feline critters living around my neighbourhood and they do frequent the garden and occasionally attempt to come into our house if we leave a door ajar for too many seconds and they see an opportunity...

I have no idea who owns these cats, but I like to think they might all be the pampered pets of some cat lady or other, a bit like the cat lady here. An older lady, living in her Victorian house (the stunning wallpaper is entirely my own creation and is not available to buy anywhere, thankfully) with her cats, a wily and somewhat wiry ginger moggie, with green eyes, a large fluffy white Persian with big round telescopic blue eyes (he isn't overfed, that mass is all fur, honestly you should see him when he gets a bath) and the ubiquitous black cat with his amber eyes, cautiously investigating one of the many carnivorous plants which the lady grows and nurtures.

Her pride and joy aside from the cats are the bonsai, tiny trees bent and twisted in miniature, which she waters from a teapot, possibly with some kind of tea, and on the trees are tiny birds, which fly up and out of an open window as the cats look on with obvious interest.

The illustration is a large double page spread, and is fairly detailed at full size however it does not reproduce too well at 600px wide,  so I have picked out a few details of the cats here-

The wiry ginger cat with the green eyes - © 2012 Nicola L Robinson

The fluffy white Persian with the big blue eyes - © 2012 Nicola L Robinson

The black cat with the amber eyes - © 2012 Nicola L Robinson

To view a slightly larger version of this see the Cat lady and Bonsai illustration on my website here

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