Tuesday, 30 August 2011

dpi Magazine - Meticulous Art

I don't often get post from Taiwan, but this morning I was surprised to see an elaborately decorated package on my doormat, after a few moments of wondering what on earth I had ordered from the internet this time I realised it was my copy of dpi Magazine.

Earlier this year I was invited by Vicky at dpi Magazine to contribute to a special edition of the magazine focusing on 'Meticulous Art'.

Dpi magazine is an art magazine in Taiwan, dpi stands for 'Design Popular Imagination' and it's catchy tagline for the regular magazine translates as 'Every designer should have a PC or a Mac, and a copy of dpi Magazine'.

On flicking through this special edition it is clear this is a beautifully produced magazine full of breathtaking artwork from artists, illustrators and designers from across the globe and I am honoured to have contributed to it.

Here are a few photos of my work inside -
Penguins! haha