Friday, 25 June 2010

The Vengeful Lobster

Perhaps the king of seafood, the lobster. A particularly mean looking crustacean inflicting vengeance.

Very tasty when it's good, but slightly less pleasant when you consider it is related to the humble woodlouse. Mmm.

Ink, watercolour etc

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Old Sketchbooks 1 - The Doctor is Out

Hi all,

I unearthed some of my old sketchbooks recently and have been entertained, embarrassed and disturbed as a result. I know there are artists who will happily draw something then discard it, I have never been able to do this and have a fairly vast archive of rough sketches, layout plans, lists and other odds and ends.

I had forgotten about a lot of the work in these books, but it is amazing how when flicking through the pages I remember what I was doing at the time like where I was when I was drawing or what music I was listening too.

This one (one of the safer ones to put up) was drawn whilst on the train to London, I've dated it on the back as 28th of January, but I'm not sure what year, or where the doctor actually is...