Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Collection of Creatures

The sun is shining and it almost feels like Spring might happen sometime soon, as a result I'm feeling somewhat experimental, having been recently working on projects demanding a sense of realism and accurate renderings of things that actually exist (probably not obvious from my online portfolio) I've taken a little time out to draw some creatures, imaginary ones thankfully. Most of them are friendly though, I think.

This was drawn in ink and watercolour. Visit my site to see a larger image-



Cat said...

Hi Nick,

I finally find the time to catch up a bit on your recent (well since new year i have to admit, shame on me..) and i am discovering your new oeuvres (what's the traslation of oeuvre in english?). You're just a genius. So fresh and entertaining!

Speak soon,

Nicola L Robinson said...

Thanks Cat! Pleased you like the recent work. Haha I wouldn't go that far, but I have a few new projects underway, so Ill be adding more things.
(Babelfish translates oeuvres as 'works', as opposed to my initial late night idea of 'eggs' but that would be oeufs wouldn't it? haha)

Take Care!