Saturday, 16 February 2008

Wills and Testaments and Family Tree's

This week I have done another piece of cover art for the New Law Journal, this one for a feature article on tracing your family tree and genealogy.

So let me introduce you to the Drake family. Every picture tells a story, honestly. Ill elaborate with a brief history. Beginning at the top with the austere portrait of Thomas Ambrose Drake, who had two sons; Charles Thomas Drake- the eldest, a lawyer and a perfectly decent fellow, and his younger brother Lucas Horatio Drake, an artist of sorts, but altogether eccentric and possibly insane given his appearance. Lucas never married, but Charles took a wife, a fairly ordinary yet sweet natured creature Lucy Crawford.

Together Lucy and Charles had three children, the twins Flora and Louis (records of their lives have mysteriously dissapeared after their 12th birthdays and we are not sure what became of them) and their older brother the painfully dull Simon Walter Drake. Despite his inadequacies Simon married Eva Hawke, a passionate and determined woman from a fairly modest background. We suspect this marriage was one of financial benefit for Eva, who was constantly dissapointed by her husband and records (letters and photographs) suggest she had numerous affairs.

Eva and Simon had two children, one of whom is the father of the young crazy haired man sat at the computer whose research provided the details of his family.

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Anonymous said...

these little people are hilarious!
great job ..