Friday, 16 November 2007

Sharks in November

Damn, I see I failed to post anything in October, despite doing a lot of work. Still, most of October's work is due to be published in some form or other early next year, (I will explain more nearer the time) so I am updating this blog with a personal diversion of my own invention.

This is a new painting of mine, it was good to be working on canvas again after the Summer spent working mainly on paper with ink. This one is in acrylic and measures 16" by 23", or 40.6cm by 58.4cm for those of the metric disposition.

I have been referring to this one as 'Shark', and occasionally 'Jaws' and so far this has remained its title. So, I give you 'Shark' As ever there is a narrative to this piece, a semi-dead shark, a handful of drunken characters, possibly pirates, although they might be considered a little cliche these days, so Ill also accept other career options for the little figures. A certain amount of detail is lost to the transferral from photo to computer, but still.